Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Transportation Network

Because of Congressional budget cuts in 1987, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) stopped reimbursing veterans for the cost of transportation to and from VA facilities.  Realizing that many disabled veterans are on small fixed incomes and live many miles from the nearest VA, the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organized a nationwide transportation network to provide transportation for veterans seeking a variety of services and benefits to and/or from a VA facility or other approved health care provider.
The DAV Transportation Network is a nationwide volunteer-based transportation program designed to augment the need for supplemental transportation for veteran patients to and from medical appointments.
Any veteran who is in need of transportation to a medical appointment is eligible for this service.  This service is available at any time, so please call (989) 673-8148.
This van is not to be used as an ambulance, it is not equipped with a wheelchair lift, oxygen, etc